Strole’s Soft Stride Technology combines three unique components designed to reduce the stresses and strains that lead to plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia and more. It is their life’s work to produce footwear unlike anything on the market, so you can enjoy your walk.

Using the BigCommerce platform Project A has brought Strole’s e-commerce to enterprise level.

Integrations included:

  • Exporting Order data from BigCommerce to FullCircle ERP.
  • Updating BigCommerce Inventory and Order Status using file supplied by FullCircle ERP.
  • PDP – Integration with SpinShot API for 360 degree images.
  • PDP – Supplied interface for navigating to products of same style with different color.
  • PLP – Overlay of avaialable sizes on hover of product.
  • PLP – Add selected size to cart.
  • CMS for Top Navigation, Banner and Footer editing.

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