Craterian Theater New Site Launch

We are thrilled to unveil the brand new Craterian Theater at the Collier Center for the Performing Arts website, a digital masterpiece that embodies the spirit and grandeur of this magnificent performing arts venue. After months of hard work, dedication, and collaboration, Project A, Inc. is proud to present a redesigned website that captures the essence of the Craterian Theater at the Collier Center for the Performing Arts.

The Craterian Theater has long been a cherished destination for art aficionados, theater enthusiasts, and music lovers alike. However, we felt that the previous website fell short in conveying the vibrancy and excitement that define this cultural gem. To rectify this, we embarked on a mission to revamp the website and create an online platform that truly showcases the magic of the Craterian Theater experience.

“I don’t have sufficient words to express my admiration and gratitude for the work Project A has done and have provided to the Craterian. Actually, I do have a few words: beautiful, accessible, striking, powerful, visual … should I go on?” – Ron S.

With the launch of the new Craterian Theater website, visitors will be welcomed by a visually stunning and intuitive design that reflects the theater’s rich history and the diverse range of performances it hosts. Our talented team of designers, developers, and content creators worked hard to ensure that every aspect of the website resonates with the spirit and energy of the Craterian.

One of the key improvements we implemented is the integration of the Spektrix ticketing system. This cutting-edge ticketing solution provides a seamless and efficient way for patrons to purchase tickets for their favorite shows. By partnering with Spektrix, we have streamlined the ticketing process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for theatergoers.

Furthermore, we have adopted the WordPress content management system, making it easier than ever for the Craterian Theater team to manage and update the website. The new content management system empowers staff members to effortlessly make changes, add event details, and share exciting updates in real-time. With WordPress, the Craterian Theater can ensure that the website is always up-to-date, keeping patrons informed and engaged.

To simplify the website editing process even further, we have incorporated a user-friendly, drag-and-drop page building system. This “what you see is what you get” approach allows the Craterian Theater team to effortlessly create visually appealing pages without any technical expertise.

At Project A, Inc., we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence, and the new Craterian Theater website is a testament to that commitment. We have meticulously crafted an online platform that reflects the true essence of this renowned performing arts venue. From its captivating design to its seamless ticketing system and easy-to-use content management system, the website now truly embodies the magic and allure of the Craterian Theater.

We invite you to visit the new Craterian Theater website today at and experience the remarkable transformation for yourself. Stay tuned for upcoming shows, news, and exclusive offers, and immerse yourself in the world of art, music, and theater.