Project A’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
by President, CEO and CO-Founder Jim Teece.

I was born in the Philippines to a Filipino mom and American Dad while he served in the Vietnam War. 

My mom became a single mother when I was 9 and she raised 4 humans into adults that care, give back and lead in the communities they serve every single day. 

She led by example and today each of us proudly follow in her footsteps.

When my wife and I started Project A in 1990, we wanted to develop the best custom software for the world’s best companies and organizations. 

We did not know about or have a statement on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion yet we lived it everyday.

Looking back over the last 30+ years, I am proud of what we have accomplished together. 

We proudly adopt organizations that teach children and we provide service to them at reduced or no cost. 

We proudly adopt organizations that serve the underserved and provide service to them at reduced or no cost and in most cases we also provide cash in order to help them achieve their missions.

We proudly adopt organizations that help those that need help, love and support.

We proudly mentor and sponsor women-owned businesses. 

We proudly adopt Senior Communities to help them find ways to learn new technologies. 

We proudly donate hundreds and hundreds of hours per year to organizations and people that make the world have less barriers and more love and inclusiveness. 

We work hard to make art and science more accessible to all.

We work hard to make our workspaces safe and our people empowered to help others as needed. 

We work hard everyday to embrace diversity of background, perspective, culture, and experience. 

We care, we give back and we lead. 

It’s what we do.

It’s in our DNA. 

Jim Teece
President & CEO & CO-Founder
Project A, Inc.

Some of the Many Organizations We Help Support