Rogue Valley Transportation District Site Launch

The Rogue Valley Transportation District site at was rebuilt by the Project A Web Team. The former RVTD site was not responsive to the mobile platform. The rebuild includes a fully responsive site and other new features.

The development of the new site uses a Content Management System, or CMS framework developed in-house by Project A, with a custom add-on for dynamic bus route timetables. The CMS allows RVTD staff to easily update News, Pages, and other content. Database integration with the RVTD bus timetable data allows for up-to-the minute accuracy on the website.

Also integrated into the new site is Google Trip Planner, which allows a passenger to plan out their trip with the fastest route before they depart.

New stylized route maps were also created by Project A graphic designers, using scalable vector graphics, which allows the images to be dynamically viewed or printed at any size – from phones to billboards.

“Working with RVTD was a pleasure,” says Paul Steele, VP of Web Services. “In collaboration with the professionals at RVTD, we were able to create a new site that is more modern, streamlined, and easier to use for their customers, who are typically using their phones to access services.”

The website also features a custom alert system that will display route changes or delays in real-time. The alert feature also alerts about the increase of bus flow on certain routes.

Senior Planner, Paige Townsend said, “The new website is mobile friendly and most of our visitors use mobile. We wanted to make the routes and Google planner accessible to everyone. Visually, it’s much more appealing to use the website. We also had interest in making the site more personal and user friendly. Project A was able to meet our needs and fix technical issues, and they did a fantastic job.”

About Rogue Valley Transportation District

RVTD is the public transportation provider in the Rogue Valley. Their routes serve Medford, Ashland, Central Point, Talent, Phoenix, White City, and Jacksonville. RVTD’s mission is to provide quality public transportation, viewed by residents and visitors as a realistic and viable alternative to the personal automobile, and to thereby improve the quality of life in the Rogue Valley.

About Project A, Inc.

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