SportifIn true entrepreneurial style, Kirsch sold tennis shorts from the back of the family’s station wagon, gradually building a reputation for quality and comfort. As this reputation grew, so did the market for high-quality outdoor clothing.

This year Project A helped this great brand elevate their game with enterprise BigCommerce E-Commerce with added custom solutions:

Integration with FullCircle ERP

  • Exporting order data to FullCircle ERP
  • Updating BigCommerce inventory and order status using files supplied by FullCircle ERP
  • Built customized refund processing functionality based on files supplied by FullCircle ERP

Customization of PLP

  • Adding sevice to accomodate showing various avaiable color selections for each product.
  • Modified behavior of hover to show thumbnail of color hovered over.
  • Added handler to allow for selecting a color option without having to select a specific size.

Customization of PDP

  • Added handler to show only thumbnails of selected color option.
  • Added handler to appropriately show Base vs Sale prices for products as per customer specification.
  • Integrated 360 degree product images where appropriate.

Visit the Sportif web site