Southern Oregon Historical Society

Southern Oregon Historical SocietyProject A is proud to be part of helping this important organization in their mission to help preserve the legacy of our valley.

The Southern Oregon Historical Society (SOHS) was founded in 1946 by individuals who believed that a repository of local history was an essential component in their community. They wanted to honor those that had come before them and create a strong educational and research institution for generations to come.

Over the years, the Society also acquired and maintained the Beekman House, Beekman Bank, U.S. Hotel and Catholic Rectory in Jacksonville, and by preserving them helped to establish Jacksonville as a National Historic District.

SOHS built its collection, maintained its buildings and provided programs with support from the tax levy citizens passed in 1949 to fund historical societies throughout Jackson County.

Since July 2007, when historical levy taxes were absorbed into the County General Fund, SOHS and other groups endeavoring to preserve, protect and share our heritage have depended strictly on private funding.

At this time, the City of Jacksonville maintains the old courthouse and owns the Beekman Bank and home. Jacksonville History, Inc. provides tours and events. Jackson County owns the U.S. Hotel.

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