1000MuseumsJuly marks the new 1000Museums’ five-year anniversary, a huge milestone for their entire team! This month they’re celebrating two industry-leading fine art companies joining forces: Art Authority and 1000Museums.

Art Authority got its start in 2008 and focused on classic art exploration and education through award-winning apps. 1000Museums started around the same time, bringing that same classic art from museums to art lovers through technology-driven top-quality reproductions. Putting the two together, in July 2016, has resulted in the best of both worlds, for art museums, creators and lovers worldwide.

They dreamt of a revolutionary company that connected museums directly to the public, allowing customers to bring their favorite pieces of fine art directly into their homes. For the past 5 years, they have seen that dream realized.

They built their company with a clear focus on providing the highest quality products while building long lasting relationships with their museum partners, artists and customers. This goal required the utmost attention to detail and commitment to giving back. Nurtured in the idyllic town of Ashland, Oregon, 1000Museums has been driven by a small group of passionate individuals who were committed to the mission. This has allowed them to serve both their retail customers and museum partners at the highest level year after year, establishing a trusting relationship along the way. They are incredibly proud of the success they have achieved and they thank their community for being a part of it.

They look forward to many more years of printing and sharing iconic art by connecting the most distinguished museums and artists in the world with art lovers everywhere.

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