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Job Manager - Go Green and Save Green with Job Manager!

If your company is looking to streamline their hiring process and create less paper waste, Project A, Inc. has the perfect tool, Job Manager
Applicant Side


Login Screen Thumbnail App Thumbnail File Manager Thumb The screen the applicant sees when the application is complete.

Job Manager allows your company to give prospective employees the opportunity to view your company’s current openings and apply online using an application form that is practically identical to your current paper one. With Job Manager the applicant also has the ability to save a partially completed applications and store completed applications for use on other employment opportunities.


Hiring Side


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HR New App Thumb The screen the applicant sees when the application is complete.


The screen the applicant sees when the application is complete. The screen the applicant sees when the application is complete.    

Once the application is submitted, the software automatically notifies the proper HR personnel and places the application in holding for their review. The HR department can then decide to send qualifying applications to respective hiring managers for review in just a few clicks. Notes can be placed about the applicant or application for both the HR departments review as well as the hiring manager. The Hiring manager can then decide who to interview and send his results back to HR. Once a hiring decision is made and inputted, all applicant data can be easily archived.  This system largely reduces paper waste and increases the efficiency of the hiring process. Job manager includes a host of features that streamline and make the hiring process easier. With Job Manager you no longer have to sift through stacks of applications just to see if the applicant meets the basic requirements. With prescreening built into the backend portion you can set the initial requirements and Job Manager will sort through all of the submissions and only show you the qualified applicants. You also have the option of having post-application qualifying questions for the applicants. Certain positions may require special licensing or qualifications that are not required for all positions. This post-qualifying feature allows you to use the same initial app for all positions while still being able to sort out those who don’t meet each job’s specific requirements.
Job Manager also allows for varying levels of access based on user permissions. This feature is great for organizations with multiple departments. These permissions can include the ability to:

There are several other permissions and features that can be customized to fit your business as well.
Here is a quick rundown of the benefits of employing Job Manager:

Basically, Job Manager is a quick and easy tool that will save your company time and money, free your office of unnecessary paper and stress and increase your applicant pool. If Job Manager seems like a feature that could benefit your business today or if you have any questions regarding it, please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us.

Clients include :
ODOT - Oregon Department of Transportation - (past client)
City of Springfield, OR
Lane County, OR
Pacific Retirement Services
Ashland Community Hospital - coming soon
Jackson County, OR - coming soon

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