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5350 Hwy. 66
Ashland, OR 97520
Phone: (541) 488-1702
Contact: Sales

Starter SIB Video Training Series

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New WYSIWYG Editor Complete Tutorial

This video will show you how to use the newest editor for Site-in-a-Box. Some of the features include:

  • Cross platform compatibility supporting Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Cross browser compatibility supporting IE6+, Firefox 2+, Opera 9.5+, Safari 3+, Google Chrome, and Camino 1.0+
  • Better Image, Flash and other multimedia control
  • Compatible with Microsoft Word through a new paste function .
  • Find and Replace
  • Special Character support
  • Strike Through, Superscript and Subscript support
  • Better link control.
  • Supports W3C and Section 508 Standards.

The new editor is a free upgrade. If you would like to make the switch please contact our sales department using our online contact form.


Creating and Editing Links with the New Editor


Creating and Editing Anchors and Email Links

SIB101Button - SIB 101 Button   101_SIB.SWFSpacer(907.2KB)
This is a great tutorial for someone who has never used Site-in-a-Box before. It will demonstrate how to login to the Backend, point out a few key components, and add a Page Builder page.

CalendarButton - Calendar Event   CALENDAR_EVENT.SWFSpacer(3461.6KB)
This tutorial demonstrates how to add an Event to your website using the Calendar Tool.

HomepageButton - Homepages Button   DEPARTMENT_HOMEPAGES.SWFSpacer(726.5KB)
You will learn how to edit a Departments Homepage and add rotating images.

FAQButton - FAQ Button   FAQ_TOOL.SWFSpacer(367.7KB)
This video will teach you how to add a new Frequently Asked Question (FAQ).

HyperWYSButton - Hyperlink WYSIWYG   HYPERLINK.SWFSpacer(301.5KB)
This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a hyperlink using the new WYSIWYG editor (not KTML 3).

HyperKTMLButton - Hyperlink KTML   HYPERLINK_KTML.SWFSpacer(245.1KB)
This tutorial will demonstrate how to create a hyperlink using the KTML 3 WYSIWYG editor.

MemberButton - Member Button   MEMBERS_DIRECTORY.SWFSpacer(277.9KB)
Learn how to create a Members or Staff Directory and create bio pages for each person if desired.

PageBasicButton - Page Builder Basic   PAGEBUILDER_BASIC.SWFSpacer(258.4KB)
This tutorial is designed for those of you who want to learn the absolute basics about Page Builder.

InLinksButton - Internal Links   INTERNAL_LINKS.SWFSpacer(1628KB)
This tutorial demonstrates how to create a link to pages within your site under Page Builder using WYSIWYG.

LinksButton - Links Tool Button   LINKS_TOOL.SWFSpacer(249.5KB)
This video demonstrates how to add web links to your web site as a valuable resource for your visitors.
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5350 Hwy. 66
Ashland, OR 97520 USA
Phone: (541) 488-1702
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