Notice of Network Outage - Sept 2nd
Wednesday, August 30, 2006


As you know we started the relocation process of Project A, Inc. in April of this year. We have successfully moved everything but the datacenter to our new location ( and the final piece of that move is now upon us; moving our datacenter.

As you can imagine with hundreds of sites on several servers with thousands of users and millions of web customers this is big! This is a process that we must undertake with care.

We do appreciate your business and will do everything in our power to have minimal downtime. If we have any technical issues once the move has taken place that prevent us from bringing the servers back online in the new location, we have a backup plan in place. However, we are confident that we have thought through the steps, created a working plan and have taken into consideration each issue that may arise during this process.

We will test each site as it comes back up and notify you with an email once we complete the move.

Should your site not be fully operational by Sunday morning at 2am PDT, please call our paging system at 541-488-1702 x301.

Again, thank you for your business and patience through this process.

Jim Teece
President & CEO
Project A, Inc.


Scheduled Date & Time (PDT): September 2, 9:00pm - September 3, 1:00am


The Systems and Networking Division will be moving the data center network on Saturday, September 2nd at 21:00 PDT. All primary and secondary switches, routers and servers will be moved from 340 A Street in Ashland to new location at 5350 Hwy 66 in Ashland.

Effect on network:

Most websites and website applications will be unavailable during the move. Downtime may be up to 4 hours in length, but is expected to be shorter. Most primary email services should not be interrupted, and some sites will not be effected.



- Same high-speed bandwidth and IP space provided by the Ashland Fiber Network. This results in no need to change any IP addresses, resulting in a low-impact physical move of hardware only.

- Greatly increased generator power backup.

- Increased AC cooling system.

- Square Footage of data center allowing for more expansion.

- Increased physical building security.

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