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arrowbubble.gif City of Ashland, Oregon
Welcome to the city of Ashland, Oregon. Ashland offers qualities of life that many towns only dream about. In addition to its physical beauty and cultural diversity, Ashland feels like a community...a place we all call home. Our city is located in the southwestern part of the state, which is rated as one of the major tourist areas within Oregon. The economic base of Ashland is primarily dependent on tourism and higher education with a small manufacturing sector based on high technology and wood products.
arrowbubble.gif City of Colorado Springs, Colorado
Colorado Springs is located on the eastern boundary of the Rocky Mountains, about one hour south of the Denver metropolitan area. To the east are rolling plains, ideal for a growing community's expansion and development. To the west rises the majestic 14,110 foot Pikes Peak, one of the many high, scenic peaks of the Rockies. To the south is the Arkansas River Valley with its agricultural lands and the towns of Pueblo and Canon City.
arrowbubble.gif City of Medford, Oregon
In its first 110 years, Medford has grown from a small town with unpaved roads to the largest City in Southern Oregon and the seat of Jackson County Government. With a current population of over 57,000, the City continues to grow and flourish. Once primarily dependent on timber and agriculture, Medford is a thriving regional trade center with a growing residential population, expanding medical facilities, growing retail opportunities, expanding economic development, increasing tourism and abundant recreational opportunities.
arrowbubble.gif City of Mercer Island, Washington
Mercer Island offers the seclusion, privacy and beauty of island living, with immediate access to both Seattle and the Eastside. Five miles long and two miles wide, Mercer Island is located in the middle of Lake Washington, connected to either shore by Interstate 90. The island has much to offer in terms of recreational activity with its 300-plus acres of parklands and open space. The island features quiet, wooded neighborhoods with views of Seattle, Bellevue, Mount Rainier, the Cascade and Olympic Mountains. Island parks feature ball fields, extensive bike trails and picnic areas. In addition, there are more than 50 miles of marked walking trails.
arrowbubble.gif City of Nichols Hills, Oklahoma
Nichols Hills is a quiet affluent suburban bedroom community with a very small central business district consisting of two shopping plazas and several office complexes. The City has enjoyed slow but consistent growth over the last forty years. The City was organized as a municipal corporation in 1929. It is 2.4 square miles in size and has approximately 1800 homes and 138 commercial businesses. Nichols Hills provides municipal services necessary for the health and well-being of its citizens, including police and fire protection, streets, sanitation, parks, public improvements, water, solid waste, and general administrative services.
arrowbubble.gif Jackson County, Oregon
Jackson County, Oregon is arguably one of the most beautiful and livable areas of the Pacific Northwest — if not the country. Located in Southern Oregon, Jackson County borders California to the south and is surrounded by the majestic Cascade and Siskiyou Mountain ranges. It is centrally-located along Interstate 5 between Portland and San Francisco, and just hours from the Pacific Ocean coastline. Jackson County offers breathtaking scenery in every direction, a growing economic base, moderate weather and superior quality of life.
arrowbubble.gif Medford Water Commission
The Medford Water Commission operates and maintains the water system that delivers high-quality drinking water to over 90,000 Rogue Valley residents. The Commission is an autonomous agency of the City of Medford, Oregon, established through a change in the City's Charter in 1922. Big Butte Springs is the Water Commission's primary water source, with the Rogue River used as a supplement during the summer months.
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